Last Chance

by Euphorie

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This is my very first album EVER. Crazy, I know. But I figured I was ready and here I am, selling my album to you! This whole album took me roughly a year to make. You know, this is technically my second album because I made an EP before this but I never released it. I actually trashed the whole thing because I was not satisfied. So this, "Last Chance", is technically my 1st, but, 2nd album. Eh, it's my first official album release so... yeah! Thanks for purchasing it :)


released May 3, 2014

A very special thank you to K19 for doing the lyrics to "Memories" and Jack Leonard for being the graphic designer of my album cover.



all rights reserved


Euphorie Corpus Christi, Texas

I take the L and R on my headphones seriously.

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Track Name: Memories (feat. K19)
He was 16 when he first met her.
She was his best friend before they got together.
Yeah, it was teenage love.
Wrote each other love letters, kisses and hugs.

And everyday after school they would meet at the neighborhood mall.
He would buy her something to eat.
They were young but he loved her.
Everyday he tried to show her.

He would take her by the hand, and this is what he told her.

And this is what her told her.

And this is what he told her.

But one day he was at the mall but she never showed.
He figured she had probably went to change clothes.
I mean, she did run track and it was Wednesday, she did have practice.

Phone started ringing.
This girls' mom was on the line.
Said this girl been doing fine.
She was hit by a truck in the interstate 89.

He rushed to hospital.
Expecting the worse.
Try to go in the room but was stopped by a nurse.
He said I need to see my girl, move out the way.
Is she hurt, is it bad? Is she okay?

Well, she's gonna live but everything is gonna change.
We got a cat scan, something looked a little strange.
Here head hit hard, caused damage to the brain.
Memories all gone, you're lucky if she knows your name.

He took her by the hand and this is what he told her.

Dang, that's what I call a shame.
Memories they built together, all down the drain.
Gifts they exchange in December and November.
Later in the winter, no matter, she won't remember.

The laughs they had shared was gone.
The tears they had shared was gone.
The love they have shared was gone.
He felt his whole entire world was gone.

But he lived in the big city.
He could find another girl that was plenty.
But all Forrest over wanted was Jenny.
And all Tooty ever wanted was Timmy.

You feel what I'm saying?

He wasn't letting go.
He didn't want it to end.
She fell in love with him before.
It can happen again.
But that's what he was hoping.
Wait, look, her eyes, they're open.

He said,
Do you know who I am?
Tell me, do you remember who I am?
She said come a little closer.
She took him by the hand and this is what she told him.